Who Dubs His Voice Matters Now!

By - June 18, 2016 - 06:06 PM IST

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We see the heroes and heroines onscreen and always become their fans but there are also several unsung heroes in the entertainment industry. They work hard behind the screen and it is their efforts that actually bring you the whole essence of cinema in the perfect manner.

One such department is the dubbing department. Most of the top league heroines and villains bank on professional dubbing artists and even few heroes too. One among them is angry man Rajasekhar. For a long time, dialogue king Sai Kumar used to dub for Rajasekhar in his movies.

After that, someone else came. Of course, Rajasekhar’s graph also came down. But now he is doing a villain’s role in a big movie and the question is, who is going to dub for him.  If Sai Kumar does it will be great but we have to see if it works or not because grapevine says they parted ways on bitter note.