DSP shares a Spl memory abt his Late Dad

By - June 20, 2016 - 05:36 PM IST

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The world celebrated Father’s Day this Jun 19 and our musical rockstar DSP shared a very special memory of his beloved father late Satyamurthy (popular screenwriter).
DSP shared the picture of a specially designed oppulent car which he gifted to his dad 3yrs ago on the eve of Father’s Day and wished one and all. We know how much DSP is attached to his father and his special tribute song “Nannaku Prematho…” alone speaks volumes about it. The makers of Nannaku Prematho movie have included this song at the last moment though it wasn’t a part of their initial plans.
Of course, ‘father’ is special person in everyone’s life and DSP is one of blessed individuals who got a lovely father!