Gentleman vs Gentlewoman

By - June 21, 2016 - 05:53 PM IST

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The word gentleman leaves us with a pleasant feeling in our daily usage of words and it has a positive vibe. And the same vibe seems to be bringing success to anyone who uses it as a title for their movie. Many years ago, Shankar used this word and scored a huge blockbuster.

Now, Natural Star Nani has used the word as the title for his latest release and is reaping benefits at the box office. While he has garnered his share of accolades for his performance, a much larger appreciation is coming from different corners for another person. She happens to be one of the leading ladies.

We are talking about the strikingly irresistible Nivetha Thomas. She has suddenly developed a huge fan base with her act in this movie. They are now saying that though the title is Gentleman, based on Nivetha’s performance and her appeal, the film must be named as Gentlewoman. What say folks?