Business Angle Behind Hollywood Decision

By - June 22, 2016 - 03:56 PM IST

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The mother industry of all cinema industries in the world is Hollywood and it would take decades for the remaining circuits to get to that level. However, in the last two decades, Hollywood has become quite sensitive to the Indian market and are cognizant of the taste of Indian audience.

With this, they started making their movies that appeal to the Indian viewers and it paid off. Today, Indian market is very huge for Hollywood and some films have their release first in India than other countries. At the same time, some big records are also being scored at Indian market.

Now, one big movie has refrained from hurting the sentiments of Indian audience. We are talking about the makers of the film Independence Day-Resurgence. In that, some of world’s major cities are shown as demolished but India was not part of it. The makers said they don’t want to hurt the sentiments of Indian people. That way, they didn’t rub the shoulders in wrong side for India.