Popular Singer Name in Director's Family Controversy?

By - June 22, 2016 - 11:01 PM IST

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Popular director VN Adithya recently hit headlines for reportedly lambasting a Newsdaily journalist about publishing a defamatory and false report on him & his family.

The reporter stated that VN Adithya not only “deserted” his family but is indeed linked up with a popular Telugu singer as well. The issue has seen a new twist with the singer’s name coming into picture and Adithya’s relationship with the singer is also under discussion now. According to the rumor mills, the singer is the reason behind the disturbances in the director’s family.

However, VN Adithya’s clarification via his Facebook handle did not have any special mention about the link up rumors. Meanwhile, the journalist filed a complaint against Adithya in the Cyber Crime police station.

Well Adithya is currently operating from the US and this issue is only getting murkier with each passing day.