Chiranjeevi's Heroine Next Month

By - June 24, 2016 - 09:50 AM IST

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There must be those among you who would be rejoicing right now because megastar Chiranjeevi is back to what he is best at. The shooting for his new movie has begun and it is going to involve few key fight sequences under the supervision of the identical twins Ram-Laxman.

While the excitement and energy levels is extremely high, what many are keen to know now is the leading lady. It has been a while since few names were tossed around but till now nothing has been finalized properly. Some are saying a Bollywood actress is going to be the leading lady.

Whether that is happening or not, here is an update. Unit members reveal the heroine would be finalized very soon and the announcement would be made next month. In fact, she would also join the shooting and maybe introduced during the shoot process. Let us see who the lucky one will be.

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