One More Hoax on Sr Actor's Health

By - June 24, 2016 - 01:36 PM IST

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With the ongoing advancement in the field of social media, it is very difficult to judge the authenticity of any news- especially when it concerns a celebrity. There was a shocking news all over Kollywood media saying that Senior Actor Sarath Kumar has been hospitalized because of chest pain and in a critical condition.

The TV channels went in a jiffy by saying that the actor was rushed to a private hospital in Chennai for treatment. To keep the rumors at bay, his wife and yesteryear actress Radhika responded in Twitter shunning them off.

Do not believe the false news that is spreading. Sarath is fine! Just down with food poisoning and a muscle spasm.

Sarath is fine, today in the gym.thanks for the love and concern.

Radhika requested everyone not to believe in such false news and these kinds of news must be stopped from spreading.

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