Ali Charity during this Ramzan Season

By - June 25, 2016 - 11:06 AM IST

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The child artist turned successful comedian and host Ali is greatly known for his hilarious comments as well as wittiness both on and off the screen. But as a person deep down the heart, he is very religious and follows the rules of Islam in perfect scene. Just like the entire Muslim fraternity in the World, Ali and his family are currently observing Ramzan fast every day.

But it is a daunting task to observe fasting and then work in hectic shooting schedules. When asked about the same, Ali said that at times he would have to eat a Pan or something to suit the scene in the film and he cannot refuse it. If he does, he will have to break the fast for coming three days!

Ali also said that he doesn’t feel exhausted or weak during the hectic shooting schedules of Ramzan as he believes to get such strength from Allah. He also organizes Iftar feasts for people but independently without joining hands with any charity organizations. This year, he has organized books and amenities needed for school children and feeling very contented about it!

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