'Stunning and Powerpacked'- Kabali Audio Review

By - June 27, 2016 - 11:47 AM IST

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Kabali is an upcoming action film starring Rajnikanth and Radhika Apte in lead roles. Music for this film is composed by Santhosh Narayanan and here is an iQlik exclusive audio review of the album:

The power packed album starts with Okadoke Okadokade sung brilliantly  Ananuthu and penned effectively by Anantha Sriram. The high voltage percussions with a tribal edge and inspiring lyrics make it an enjoyable listen. The interludes are woven with fun moments and gradual bass guitar which is mesmerizing to hear.  A  very special mention should be made for the effective Telugu Rap lyrics as well.

Gunde Ninda Yenno is a breezy melody with swift string section which makes a gradual progress. Ananthu and Shwetha Mohan deliver par excellence with sweetness overloaded. Anantha Sriram makes sure the Tamil dubbing flavor is totally out of the song in terms of lovely lyrics. The Spanish rumba flavor in the interludes is another highlight of the song.

The relaxed mode continues with Ugra Trinetruda with a Jazzy touch in terms of drums and soft vocals  by Ganesh Ram. The song is like a controlled aggression with a touch of blues in between. Rama Jogayya Sastry’s progressive lyrics have the right balance of poetry as well as power packed vocals.  The delicate touches of saxophone give the song an old time flavor as well.

The eerie solo Kalavani O Nadhi is delivered with a tinge of classicism as well as ominous feel by Pradeep Kumar. The song questions the deep philosophies of life in the so called Santhosh Narayanan’s touch and Vanamali’s lyrics! The slow progressing beats give the song an impending look with amazing fervor. This song can be termed as the silent killer!

The hit single Nippu Ra arrives in the finale with all the style and persona needed for a Rajni’s aggressive effect.  Vanamali nails it perfectly with his amazing lyrics and avoiding the so called Tamil dubbing flavor for this track. Watch out for those bass lines and electric guitar usage for guaranteed fun!

Kabali is one brilliant album which introduces new sounding as well as poetic lyrical journey for the Telugu Audience. Santhosh Narayanan delivers a masterstroke!

Rating: 3.5/5

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