'B' And 'G' Hawa In Tollywood

By - June 28, 2016 - 04:32 PM IST

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The summer heat is gone and the monsoon breeze has arrived so it is time for us to have a recap of how the season went because it is considered the hottest for Tollywood. The data only shows that summer has not been that great because highly promising movies failed to deliver.

But two films which came in turned out to rule the roost at the box office. While one came in with zero expectations, the other came in with minimal expectations. We are talking about Bichchagadu featuring Kollywood music director cum hero Vijay Antony.

And the other is Gentleman featuring Natural Star Nani. Going a step further and comparing these two movies, the dubbed flick Bichchagadu is doing even better than Gentleman. All in all, as long as movies work like this, the cine industry will always be prosperous and happy.