Hrithik & his Kids Luckily Misses Istanbul Attack

By - June 29, 2016 - 01:24 PM IST

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Bollywood’s handsome hunk Hrithik Roshan has been struggling in personal life with too many controversies in his mettle. He divorced his childhood sweetheart turned wife Suzzane Khan and was stuck in the affair with Bollywood’s talented actress Kangana Ranaut.

Now, the actor headed to a holiday with his doting sons Hreehan and Hridhan. On their way back to India, the Roshan kids along with Hrithik narrowly missed a connecting flight from Istanbul. This proved to be fortunate because they narrowly escaped a terror attack. The trio took an economy flight instead because of missing out the flight back to India.

The actor posted in his Social Media account saying that they are totally safe and also requested his fans as well as countrymen to fight against terrorism.

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