Maruthi Is Not Small Brand

By - June 30, 2016 - 02:58 PM IST

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You can make your mark as a director but when you can prove your mettle in other departments such as production or writing then you are something special. Tollywood has a few of such people and one among them is director Maruthi who has grown a long way.
Though he started as a director, today he is presenting movies and producing them too. But there is a lot that goes behind his success story. Maruthi plans his scripts and projects carefully and keeps a strong focus on his brand management. This has helped him in a big way.
He knows he gets name by associating with big heroes so he wields the megaphone for them. At the same time, if it is small heroes he gives support from behind creatively and provides youngsters the opportunity to direct. That way, Maruthi is truly an inspiration for many.