'Vangaveeti' Actor Rocks With His Performance

By - July 01, 2016 - 05:02 PM IST

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Few months ago, the attention of the entire Telugu media and the people was only on one movie, that is Vangaveeti. After a lot of storm, a silence prevailed but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. The shooting of the film is happening silently and briskly.
Now, a report has arrived from the shooting spot. It is heard that Vamsi Chaganti who is playing the role of Devineni Murali has rocked with his performance. Sources say even the eccentric genius RGV was mesmerized with his performance and his intensity.
Vamsi’s well wishers feel he deserves something good which matches his calibre and now he got it. True to that, he seems to be proving it. We all know the importance of Abhimanyu Singh’s role in Rakta Charitra, the same importance is there for Vamsi’s character in Vangaveeti.

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