Fitness Freak Becomes Comedian

By - July 06, 2016 - 11:24 AM IST

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Generally if you are aspiring to be a hero or a character artiste or a villain, you are expected to maintain a fit and muscular physique. But when it comes to comedians, the physical frame doesn’t really come into consideration. Despite that, there is one comedian who is a major fitness freak.

He is none other than Satyam Rajesh. Since he has been a comedian from the start, not much of attention went on him. On the other hand, Sunil was a comedian but suddenly he became a hero and focused on fitness so attention was there. For Rajesh, the perception is different.

Recently, Satyam Rajesh got to prove his mettle as he got a good cop role in the movie Kshanam. Some are now suggesting that Rajesh can do roles that come with comedy and little action. For now, those who know him closely really appreciate his commitment towards fitness.