Kalamandir Kalyan- Big Ticket For Tollywood

By - July 06, 2016 - 04:26 PM IST

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The concept of in-film branding is quite hot in the Bollywood circuit and now it has picked up in Tollywood as well. One person who has been a big player in this segment is Kalamandir Kalyan. Any film whether it is big or small, Kalamandir Kalyan gets the first call from the makers.

They seek association towards the in-film branding and come up with various proposals such as “We will shoot in your showroom and will put your brand” “We will use your showroom’s name in dialogues and show the store and we need your support in different aspects.”

In return, Kalyan is expected to either contribute in the form of money, costumes, place and depending on the craze of the movie he decides how to support it. That way, Kalamandir Kalyan has become a big ticket for Tollywood folks and it has become more of an in-house brand for the industry.

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