'Intelligent Move' Or 'No Choice Option'?

By - July 07, 2016 - 04:35 PM IST

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As an actor or actress, you need to be very careful about the decision you make in terms of selecting your movies. Your choice of movies also forms an impression among the tinsel town folks as well as the audience. That way, one heroine is now becoming a topic of discussion.

She is none other than the innocent faced cutie Lavanya Tripathi. Her filmography shows that from the start, her majority movies are with young heroes instead of star heroes. What many are trying to figure out is, Is it an intelligent career planning or is she doing it because she has no other choice.

Some feel that by working with senior heroes, she might be branded as outdated soon and at that point, she cannot take a step down and work with lesser grade heroes.  That way, Lavanya is taking the slow and steady approach so let us wait to see if her calculation bears fruits or not.

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