Reason Behind Trisha's Problem With 'Nayaki'

By - July 08, 2016 - 05:48 PM IST

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In case you are a fan of the petite beauty Trisha then you would have noticed that her new movie Nayaki has been taking ages to hit the screens. Just recently it was announced that all is well and the film is arriving. However, a new twist has come in the tale and this has to do with Trisha.

Apparently, there is a talk from producer Giridhar’s camp that Trisha is not cooperating and not coming for the promotions and other events. At the outset, we might think it is one of those starry tantrums of the big heroines but here is the inside truth. Trisha is not happy for two reasons.

Sources reveal Trisha is yet to be paid her remuneration balance which is more than fifty percent. Secondly, she is reportedly not happy with the release date because she wants Telugu and Tamil release simultaneously but producer Giridhar is going ahead with the Telugu release. That’s the story folks!

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