After 'Dil Raju' And 'Sobhan Babu'- It's 'Devi Sri Prasad'

By - July 09, 2016 - 05:41 PM IST

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The names that you are reading in the headline might perplex you a bit because you would be figuring out the link between the three men. Well, there is one common ground for them. Apparently, producer Dil Raju, Nata Bhushan Sobhan Babu and rock star Devi Sri Prasad’s names were used for a common purpose.

Well, their names were used as titles for movies and while Dil Raju and Sobhan Babu’s names didn’t fetch much at the box office, all eyes are now on the new movie Devi Sri Prasad. This is slated to be an edge of the seat suspense thriller and the name is rather contrasting.

The film is being helmed by Sri Kishore and the title has definitely caught attention. What is being discussed is this pattern of taking real life film personalities names and making them as titles. Well, as long as they don’t have an objection, it should not matter.