July 10- The 'Baahubali Day' in 2016 Calendar!

By - July 10, 2016 - 03:41 PM IST

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July 10, 2016 – this was the most awaited day for fans, Telugu movie goers lovers and this was the day the flag of Telugu cinema was hoisted high. For all those who believed Telugu cinema was all about out of the world hero-centric commercial potboilers, Baahubali: The Beginning was an eye-opener and indeed a game changer in terms of box-office stamina.

One year back Baahubali: The Beginning screenings were done, reviews and public talk were already out by now and surprisingly it was a divided talk! Some were awestruck by what they witnessed on the silverscreen and some couldn’t digest the most anticipated film ending on the most unexpected note while many others were still longing to grab their ticket for Baahubali.

Record number of benefit shows was organized across the two Telugu states from about 1AM and fans didn’t mind even Rs 2500/3000/5000/- priced ticket as well – the ultimate goal was to watch Baahubali on the first day. Fans thronged at the theaters like bees, the que ran for kms together and their hungama knew no boundaries. Many of you had the most memorable day of your lives bunking schools/colleges/offices/watching the film/even trying for the ticket.

The film that released amidst sky high expectations emerged out to be an epic hit across the globe. Characters like Baahubali, Bhallaladeva, Deva Sena and importantly Sivagami & Kattappa stay with us forever. Especially “Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?” is the most haunted questions all over the world let alone the trolls on the characters.

Today Baahubali team is an international star making us proud at every arena. In every possible way, Baahubali was just not a film but indeed a phenomenon and event in the history of Indian cinema and in our lives too. #1yrForEpicBaahubali is trending in social media from the other day and everyone is recollecting fond memories about Baahubali. Share with us your priceless memories about Baahubali movie below.

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