Heroine Keeping Directors In Control

By - July 11, 2016 - 11:56 AM IST

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As a heroine, there are many challenges you have to face. It is not just about getting an opportunity but it is also about delivering your role perfectly. More than that, it is also about dealing with various people who keep coming up with different proposals and offers.

While many heroines break at some point or the other, there are those tough heads who stick to their guns, here is one such girl. She is none other than the stunningly beautiful Nivetha Thomas. She shot to fame with the movie Gentleman and caused a stir among many hearts.

However, it is heard that Nivetha is keeping all directors in control by laying down a clear clause that she will not resort to skin show. Her other condition is that only content rich roles are her option and she strongly believes content delivers success and not skin show. Let us see what the directors will do now.