Interesting Story Behind Director-Heroine Friendship

By - July 11, 2016 - 06:34 PM IST

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We have seen some good director-heroine friendships in the film industry and Tamannaah-Sampath Nandi is undoubtedly one amongst them. For all those wondering about why Sampath Nandi roped in Tammu in all his films right from Rachcha to Gopichand film (recently), here is an interesting story behind their friendship.

Actually Sampath & Tamannaah met in Mumbai way before they became a director & heroine respectively. Sampath Nandi was working for a photo-shoot agency and Tam was still a fledgling actress then. They have known each other from that struggling phase and their bondage is still going strong.

This is the reason behind Tammu being Sampath’s first choice and she accommodates Sampath’s project irrespective of her hectic schedule. This is apparently why their understanding is great and they complement each other well with their work.

We wish this duo rocks in Gopichand’s film as well.

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