Ageless Actor Shocks With Age

By - July 12, 2016 - 02:01 PM IST

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Along with the ability to perform and work on different characters, your biggest challenge as an actor or actress is to protect your young look and fit physique. As long as that is intact, there is a good chance of a long innings. However, there are those actors who start defying the age element.

One actor who seems to be ageless and giving shocks to all with his age is Chiyaan Vikram. Even today he can pass off as a thirty plus but recently Vikram sprang a surprise when he announced the engagement of his daughter Akshita. His darling daughter would get married next year.

Most of them didn’t know Vikram had such a grown up daughter and they are in fact wondering how old is he? Well, Vikram happens to be exactly fifty years old and he also had a love marriage. His real name is Kennedy John Victor and for now, Vikram has stolen the show with his young look.

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