Release Tensions for Kabali

By - July 13, 2016 - 10:05 AM IST

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While Rajnikanth fans are on cloud nine to finally know the release date of Kabali getting locked on 22nd July, some last minute tensions are still haunting the film. As per latest sources, the Nizam are distributors backed off to buy the film for a staggering price of 10 crore as quoted by the makers.

The main reason for this backing off is that the earlier Rajnikanth flicks bombed shockingly at the Box Office and Kabali is also directed by a youngster and a newcomer. The distributors felt that it would be a huge risk to take in the current scenario.

As a result, the big question of who would get the Nizam rights for the film is in discussion now. The film has been cleared with a clean U certificate and ready for release on the scheduled date in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages.

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