Interesting Titles For Allari Naresh

By - July 15, 2016 - 11:19 AM IST

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The significance and importance of having a catchy title has been discussed quite a few times and akin to that, the filmmakers keep brainstorming for the right name. The success rate is usually seven out of ten times but there is one hero who has always scored hundred marks with his titles.

He is none other than Allari Naresh and though his movies haven’t worked well at the box office lately, his titles have certainly caught attention and gave a good start for hype. Today, he is arriving with the movie Selfie Raja and already the title for his future project got confirmed.

It is Meda Meedha Abbai and the film would be directed by Anish of Ala Ela fame. While this would commence soon, Allari Naresh also has another film prior to it and it has been titled as Intlo Dayyam Naakenti Bhayyam. Let us wish his films also work as well as the titles.

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