Trisha's Nayaki Movie Review and Ratings

By - July 15, 2016 - 04:14 PM IST

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Cast: Trisha, Sathyam Rajesh, Ganesh Venkatraman
Banner: Giridhar Productions House
Editor: Gowtham Raju
Music: Raghu Kunche
Producer:  Giridhar Mamidipally
Director: Govi

Comedy Ekkuva Horror Takkuva!


Sanjay (Sathyam Rajesh) is a short film director who makes horror films predominantly.  He agrees for a match to get property but has another girl in his life who plans to spend time with him in his farm house. But on the way, he loses the way and enters Dindigul area. That place is quite mysterious as whoever comes to that place disappear without a reason. As a result , a huge wall is constructed by the government in order to prevent people from going there. A spirit named Gayathri (Trisha) roams around in the village fort. Whoever disappears near the wall is found to be dead in this fort. What happens to Sanjay who arrives in this particular fort? How does he face the situations?- forms the rest of the plot.


Trisha: The audience might go to this film hoping it would be a Trisha show but Sathyam Rajesh gets more screen time than her. She did an average job for this film and surprised the audience with romantic looks even in scary sequences. This genre is totally new to Trisha and she couldn’t grasp it right. The only watchable scenes of her was in the flashback episode during the second half.

Sathyam Rajesh: The actor finally gets chance to do a full length role and he does it well. His makeover is good and he manages to generate laughter through his body language.

Ganesh Venkataraman: He did a negative role for the first time and his costumes along with getup suits him well.

Others: Kovai Sarala is seen only in one scene and a new comedian named Maguvala Megastar tried to imitate Tagubothu Ramesh and Saptagiri.


The film was promoted and projected to be a horror flick but the main focus lies on entertainment. The initial scenes might give some curiosity. The scenes involving Gayathri entering the fort are handled well. Sanjay’s struggle in the haunted fort generates good laughter. The real problem begins in second half where the film loses its path. The flashback goes in a very plain manner and it becomes highly predictable at one point of time.  There are absolutely no twists in the climax either. The main motive behind a horror film is to feel the fear but these days horror comedies are gaining more popularity. This film also falls in the same trap. The film falters in this regard and hence the seriousness is totally gone. Even the comedy scenes will remind the audience of Prema Katha Chitram. The director handled even tough scenes like Gayathri’s flashback, her reason behind becoming a ghost in a very light hearted manner which fails to impress.

The first half drags unnecessarily with Sathyam Rajesh’s duet and the comedy sequences are really boring.

Technical Aspects:

The film has three songs and none of them manages to impress. Raghu Kunche’s music is quite monotonous and lacks novelty. Sai Karthik’s re-recording is good though. Camerawork is impressive and despite being a small budget film it looks rich in visuals.


- Decent First half


- Poor Storyline

- Slow pace

- Lack of climax twists


Nayaki is a below average fare which would disappoint even hardcore Trisha fans!


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