Role Model Actress In TFI

By - July 20, 2016 - 08:28 AM IST

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As an actress, you are expected to entertain the crowds with your dance, performance, songs and of course steal their hearts with your beauty. But there are also those starlets who do more than that and bring about a real difference to the society.

Tollywood has one such person and she is none other than the elegant celebrity Lakshmi Manchu. With passing time, she has turned out to be the role model actress in the Telugu film industry. in the last few years, Lakshmi has taken up many social initiatives.

Now, she has taken it to a new level through her program ‘Memu Saitham’. She is even asking celebrities to do some work and earn for the needy. Moved by that, one fan has sent Rs 10,000 cheque to Lakshmi’s initiatives. That way, she is doing a great thing and is setting an example.