Heroine On Pregnancy Talk

By - July 20, 2016 - 01:24 PM IST

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Though some among you would be keen to pursue it, the career path of a heroine is not that easy. There are many challenges in this road and the biggest among them is to deal with media speculations and expectations. Many cine celebs tend to break here.

As a heroine, the focus is always on her affairs, relationships, marriage and if she gets married, it is about her bearing the baby bump. Now, one starlet in Bollywood is going through it and she retaliated in her own way. We are talking about the hot begum Kareena Kapoor.

Just recently it was announced that Kareena was pregnant and since then she was being hounded with hundreds of questions. Unable to take it any longer, Kareena came out and lashed at media for treating her like a corpse or something. Later, she also gave a feminist talk asking whether career women cannot have family.

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