Kabali Official Premieres Details

By - July 21, 2016 - 02:18 PM IST

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The man of the moment- Superstar Rajnikanth is shaking the entire world with Kabali movie which is enjoying a phenomenal worldwide release on July 22. While the shocking Kabali movie Rajini intro scene leak is creating sensation in social media, proceedings for Kabali premiers across the globe are in full swing.

Coming to premieres, Kabali is going to have a big list of premieres and the world premiere in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiais going to held at 5PM IST (7.30 PM local time). We all know about Rajini’s following in South-East Asian countries and hence the premiere shows at 5 PM (IST) today.
Coming to our Hyderabad city, Prasads Multiplex is going to screen 31 shows tomorrow and it will be the second best in the number of shows after Mahesh’s Businessman (33 shows) on day one. Advance bookings are already closed for nearly all shows across the city and you can test your luck in the city outskirts.

We understand your excitement for Kabali but let’s not get over enthusiastic and encourage Piracy. #SayNoToPiracy #WatchKabaliInTheatres. Inka Kabali theatre lo Chusthe Aa Kickke Verappa! What say #brother?

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