'Pelli Choopulu' Expectations Crossing Limits?

By - July 23, 2016 - 09:52 AM IST

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Expectations, this is the one word which is the root cause for all the disappointments in life. The more you stay away from it, the more peaceful life becomes. However, the same expectation is always required for a film which is gearing up to hit the screens.
This kind of creates that initial momentum for the audience to come to the theatres and watch a film. Right now, one movie is preparing to arrive next Friday and the expectations are crossing all the limits. We are talking about the movie Pelli Choopulu.
According to reports, the expectations are too high and those who saw the preview show are saying they will watch it at least five times. Some are also saying even if it was released along with Kabali it would have captured audience from matinee show onwards.