Director's Emotional Line On Facebook

By - July 30, 2016 - 04:57 PM IST

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Take it as a naked truth when we say that creative people are usually very emotional and sensitive. The more the creativity, the more are such traits. Hence, you tend to see few directors who are rather reclusive and whenever they speak, there is a lot of emotion seen.

Now, one director put a line on his Facebook account which is melting hearts. He is none other than Tarun Bhascker who has made his debut with the movie Pelli Choopulu. He wrote on his timeline like this ‘Dad, hope you are watching!’.

Apparently, Tarun’s dad passed away few months ago and even at the start of the movie he gave special thanks to his father. Those who saw this message found it to be very touching and are glad that Tarun scored super success with the movie. It is nothing short of blessings from his father from above.

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