Sexiest Body @ 44

By - August 02, 2016 - 08:37 AM IST

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As you keep ageing, your wisdom and maturity is on the rise but your body is on the decline. Once you touch your forty, a new chapter begins wherein the signs of old age begin to surface. This is more among the women owing to their physical composition and elements like pregnancy.

But there is one woman who is nearing her mid forties and has got a body to die for.  She is none other than Mandira Bedi and this proud mother has some really delicious curves that can put any woman half her age to shame. Mandira is a major fitness freak.

She shot to fame as the anchor for famous cricket tournaments and eventually began to create a buzz in social media flaunting her envious figure. While she is certainly a visual feast to the men, she is without doubt a wonderful inspiration to many women out there.

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