Upasana Ramcharan's Fitness Business

By - August 03, 2016 - 08:15 AM IST

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With each passing day, our awareness towards health and fitness has been increasing and it has become an industry of its own. Taking cue from that, even few bigshots have entered the fitness business which is booming in a big way. This is happening a lot in Hyderabad.

For instance, Upasana Ramcharan runs the Apollo Life studio which is a fitness center. This is managed by Upasana and it has been garnering a lot of attention for its infrastructure and functioning. When a celebrity sets fitness center, the attention is more.

This inturn leads to more awareness and interest element from the public. That is a great thing to happen and celebs are leading the people to a healthy path. Many celebs are into many businesses but Upasana chose this path which is quite commendable.