Shocking: No Entry Into Star Hotels for Nayantara?

By - August 03, 2016 - 10:13 AM IST

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It is not an easy task for an actress to balance out body language and style to suit any hero irrespective of age and Nayantara has the credit of doing so with convincing ease. This pretty actress can look homely as well as sizzling hot depending on the character she adorns.

But now, the actress has been criticized for her ways of work off the screen. Apparently many of the star hotel management folks are deciding to stay away from Nayan because of her short temper and its consequences.  

As per sources, Nayan can get very cranky because of her hectic work and causes damage to the hotel’s furniture as well! Recently this incident happened at a reputed star hotel in Hyderabad. It is the reason why the hotel managments are not willing to give hospitality for Nayan.