Kamal Hassan 3rd Daughter Ready for Debut?

By - August 04, 2016 - 06:37 PM IST

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Are you shocked by reading the third daughter in the heading? Well he is biologically having only two daughters (Shruti & Akshara) and this third daughter came up from his live in partner- former actress Gautami.

Well going into the details, Gautami’s daughter Subbulakshmi is whom she got her from her husband Sandeep Bhatia in 1999 and she took divorce from him immediately after her daughter’s birth. Now Subbulakshmi is pursuing a special filmmaking course in New York and by next year she reaches down Chennai to search her career in Kollywood. Interestingly she developed interest in film industry since her childhood and now in the preparatory mode to give entry into the industry.

Already a lot of speculations started coming out regarding her entry and interestingly there is no update on which role she would make her debut. Well she is having two living legends of cinema in her house in the form of Kamal & Gautami and also the experiences of Shruti & Akshara to progress in the industry.