Vikram's Daughter Engagement Ring Still MISSING!

By - August 04, 2016 - 10:16 AM IST

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The versatile actor Vikram has been currently busy working for the scientific thriller Iru mugan but on the personal front he is in trouble. His daughter Akshita recently got engaged to DMK’s president Karunanidhi’s grandson Ranjith but her engagement ring was missing a little while after that! Still there is no clarity on whether it was lost or somebody stole it.

Akshita and Ranjith filed a formal police complaint about the missing ring on Tuesday and the issue came into limelight then. Akshita said that she went to an ice cream parlor in Khadar Nawaz Khan Road and after returning the ring was missing. She also said that the ring is quite expensive and costs Rs 12 Lakhs.

The police are already investigating the case and working on getting the missing ring. The wedding is scheduled in early 2017.

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