Secret Earning Of Heroines

By - August 05, 2016 - 06:46 PM IST

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As a heroine, your bank balance is directly proportional to the career graph and if you take an average, seven out of ten heroines don’t really have a great shelf life. So, they make the most of it during their heydays. But when they are shining bright, money also showers on them big time.

When fame is on, there are many ways heroines can earn and lately a new method has been observed. All those heroines who are having a strong presence in the social media with lot of followers are getting offers from companies.

It is heard that these companies are asking the heroines to put tweets or comments on their Facebook about the products and the company. In return, they will pay to the heroines. This is being done in an annual contract format too. That sounds like quick money.

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