'B' Sentiment For Superhit Hero

By - August 08, 2016 - 10:43 AM IST

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When good things happen to you by doing a certain action, you tend to repeat the act few more times because it becomes a sentiment of sorts. Now, this sentiment thing runs very high in the cinema industry and even the biggest of stars are no exception to it.

Now, one superhit hero seems to have developed a sentiment for the letter ‘B’. He is none other than the music director/director/hero Vijay Antony. It is known news that Vijay Antony became a celebrity overnight in Tollywood with his movie Bichchagadu.

As a result, he has prepared to arrive with his next venture and yet again he has named the film with starting letter as B. The film is Betaludu and this is slated to be a horror thriller but with some really interesting and out of the box concept. Let us see if this ‘B’ sentiment clicks again or not.

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