Talent Important Than Tradition

By - August 09, 2016 - 06:14 PM IST

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The one place you would never be short of if you are seeking gossips, rumours, speculations and grapevines it is the cinema circuit. Each day, new theories keep sprouting up and make rounds for longer than you think. Here is one such talk that is commonly heard in Filmnagar.

Apparently, there is a buzz that whenever a director works with a mega hero under the mega banner and scores a hit, it is tradition that he gets a chance to work with the next level mega hero in the next project. Well, the tradition sure sounds lucrative for filmmakers.

However, those who are close to the mega banners reveal what is more important than tradition is talent. So, if you score a success with a mega hero, your next could be under the same banner but the hero could be from outside too. Ultimately, talent and subject is what determines who fits the bill.