Romancing 6 With Grace

By - August 09, 2016 - 10:54 AM IST

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The moment you hear that a movie has got plenty of heroines, you would be perceiving the whole movie to be a major glamour extravaganza. Well, that could be true to an extent but it also boils down to the hero and the image he carries among his fans and audience.

Reports are making rounds that victory Venkatesh is preparing to commence his next project and in that he would be seen romancing six heroines. This is a record of sorts in his career because Venky has not worked with more than two leading ladies in any of his movies.

While many were wondering whether the glamour dose is going to be hot and high, inside sources reveal nothing of that sort would be there. The romancing is going to happen in a graceful manner and with a pinch of humor and fun. We will know the truth only when the film is out but watching Venky with 6 heroines is going to be a different experience.

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