Who Can Fill This Gap In Tollywood?

By - August 10, 2016 - 07:36 PM IST

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On one side, you would see that the entertainment industry is filled with abundant talent and on the other side, you will also see situations where the right resources cannot be found. Tollywood is currently seeing that gap in one department. We are talking about the field of music.

Apparently, the top slot has been captured by Rock Star Devi Sri Prasad since many years and he is the hottest cake in filmnagar. For all the established projects, the first choice is unanimously DSP but the twist in the tale comes now. For any reason, if DSP is not available then who is next.

As such, there is a wide gap between DSP and the next rung of music composers. Though there are promising names like Melody Prince Mickey J Meyer, Anup Rubens, Sai Kartheek, Ghibran and others, there is still a distinct gap. It is about time someone climbs close to DSP soon.

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