Sunil's Balance Of Mind In Discussion

By - August 10, 2016 - 10:00 AM IST

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You might fancy the idea of becoming an actor but there are many perils that come attached with it. Firstly, it is managing expectations from the public and above that, handling the media in the right manner. This is something comedian turned hero Sunil seems to be adept at.

Recently, Sunil was giving a TV interview when the host asked him how Sunil planned to become a hero. Sunil asked him what is the intent behind that question. The journo mentioned it is nothing personal but just a normal question. Not wasting much time, Sunil reportedly said “When you are asking questions that are uncomfortable how can I not feel.

During the entire proceedings, without losing his balance or shouting, Sunil was his composed himself, maintained his best to have that sense of humour and handled this question. Those who saw this hailed Sunil for his balance of mind and mentioned he did good.