Tagubothu Ramesh helped me in acting- Sai Dharam Tej Interview

By - August 11, 2016 - 04:16 PM IST

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Sai Dharam Tej is one of those young Mega heroes who has tremendous mass appeal and scoring consistent hits with good choice of scripts. He has earned an own fan base with his unique antics and now he is all set for Thikka which is due for release this Friday. Here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the actor:

Hello Sai Dharam Tej..

What is the reason behind choosing a negative title like Thikka for your film?
Such title was chosen because of the hero’s character in the film. The hero is a failed lover, it led him to booze and after boozing what he did is the story. The entire story is based on the happenings in one night.

Does this film have any similarity with Hollywood comedy The Hangover?
Not at all. This is entirely a new script and the characterization is novel.

What made you accept this film?
I heard the storyline during Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham and found it to be quite interesting.

How was the working chemistry with Director Sunil Reddy?
We have good working rapport and it is fun working with him as always.

There is a buzz that the film exceeded the budget?
No. Whatever cost has been invested will be clearly reflected on screen. We could complete the shooting in 95 days. I happened to work longer for my earlier films PNLJ and Subrahmanyam for Sale. As the story demands it, we have more night shots in this film.

Did you happen to drink to suit your character in the film?
Well, I took the help of Tagubothu Ramesh to act as a drunkard. He is a non-alcoholic in real life. I also had the inspiration from Chiranjeevi, Pawan Kalyan who excel in such scenes.

Are there any songs or scenes referring Chiranjeevi or Pawan in this film?
No. The story doesn’t demand it.

What is your take on your acting career till now?
I am very much satisfied with how I’ve pulled off till now. People accepted me with their love and I am grateful for it. My first film Rey was a flop and I learnt a lot from the same.

Who are the biggest critics in your family?
My mother and brother are enough to give me an unbiased feedback on my work.

Is it true that your brother will also be entering into acting?
Till now there hasn’t been any thought about it. He is still studying.

Did you ever find tough competition or pressure because of many heroes from Mega family?
Never. I always considered the competition to be healthy and we enjoy each other’s success.

How did Nakshatra turn up?
Krishna Vamsi called me and offered me this role in the film. Without even listening to the story, I readily accepted it because it is a pleasure to work with him. Sundeep Kishan is a good friend of mine and I would be pleased to work with him.

What about the multi starrer with Kalyan Ram?
Story discussions are going on and I am also eagerly waiting to do it.

Upcoming films?
The Gautham Menon project is still in early stages and nothing is confirmed yet. Another film with Gopichand Malineni will start shooting from August last week.

Okay.. thanks and wish you the best for Thikka!
Thank you!

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