Tollywood Dips In Krishna River?

By - August 12, 2016 - 01:55 PM IST

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Starting today, the holy period of Krishna Pushkaraalu has commenced and this is going to be on for a period of ten days. Given the sacred essence and importance Pushkaraalu have in our beliefs, lakhs throng to river Krishna and will start dipping themselves completely.

To add to the temptation, this year the rainfall has been quite good and the water flow is very nice at every outlet of the river. Since we now have two Telugu states, discussion is happening on where will the Tollywood folks be taking their holy dips.

While some feel it would be in Telangana, few others say it is going to be in Vijayawada only because that’s where the VIP Ghats are there so privacy would be there. Well, the industry has grown in a huge way so don’t be surprised if you bump across a celebrity when you go for your dip.