Babu Bangaram Vs Thikka: Latest Update

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It is natural that when two movies that show promise arrive in theatres on the same date, the comparison charts are brought up. The same is happening right now in Tollywood because of two movies. They are Babu Bangaram with Venkatesh and Thikka with Sai Dharam.

As such, Babu Bangaram released a day earlier and reports are stating the film has got an average response. As a result, all ‘Thikka’ would need is an above average talk and that would be sufficient to push it to a success mark. The expectations are strong due to Sai Dharam factor.

However, the other perspective is Babu Bangaram is more family movie while Thikka is more mass and youth movie so both films will have their share of audience. That way, both films impacting each other is not going to be that huge. We will know the clear picture by Monday though.

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