Kapil Sharma Vs Pradeep

By - August 13, 2016 - 01:59 PM IST

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Their worlds are different and their paths have not intersected so far but there is one thing which brings them together, that is comedy. We are talking about Kapil Sharma and Pradeep Machiraju, the two famous TV show hosts in the Hindi and Telugu circuits respectively.

Both are cruising smoothly in their careers and today their TV programs garner maximum TRP. This has also given them opportunities to do movies and they are getting some juicy offers.  Their celebrity status has become very high and it is increasing by the day.

As per the analysts who are tracking their careers, both Kapil and Pradeep may not excel much in movies but in TV industry they will remain as superstars and they will be ruling the roost for some more time to come. They would also be shining in movies on and off though.