Hero Ram meets his Suffering Fan

By - August 13, 2016 - 08:15 PM IST

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Energetic hero Ram is quite an undisputed and away-from-paparazzi heroes one can find in the showbiz world today. However, he proved out to be a real heroby cheering a family.
Going into the details, Ram personally met an ill fated girl named Kundana Purna Chandrika, a resident of Vizag. Ram happened to visit her house the other day in order to fulfil her wish to meet him. Actually this girl met Ram during Shivam movie shoot in Vizag and since then she has been apparently bugging her parents to see Ram once again.
The girl’s father tried many-a-timewho eventually ended up sending a press note to Ram about the situation. Learning the current situation, Ram voluntarily came all the way to Vizag and met her. He got into tears after witnessing her health condition and immediately assured her family essential aid. And on a special request made by that girl, Ram invited the girl’s family to watch the ongoing Hyper shoot in Vizag.

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