Bad Luck Vs Good Luck: A Heroine's Story

By - August 15, 2016 - 09:12 AM IST

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If ever you come across God and get a chance for asking a wish then you should ask God for granting you loads of luck. In today’s world, you might have the best of talent and abilities but without a stroke of luck you can never achieve your goals and ambitions.

This is much more needed in the cinema circuit especially if you are an actress. For instance, the cute looking Pooja Hegde does not have even one hit to her credit but she has been getting good movies. Though south did not give her great movies she got chance against Hrithik Roshan.

That way, good luck has been blessing Pooja’s career though bad luck has been haunting her success track. The seductive beauty Shruti Haasan had a tag of iron leg for a long time but she became a big star eventually. Now, Pooja seems to be in that same path.