Meet Anasuya in the New 'BahuLook'

By - August 16, 2016 - 12:58 PM IST

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Anasuya Bharadwaj is full of surprises! While you are still wondering at her successful stint in Television and cinema, Anasuya will amaze you with stunning photoshoots. She has already risen the temperatures enough high with her scorching photoshoots this monsoon. And right when you’re lost in it, Anasuya is back to her roots.
She took her twitter world by surprise with her traditional ‘Bahu’look. By the way, it is not for her upcoming film but indeed in her real life after she is back from her in-laws place in Bihar.
“Bac from a brief trip to my sasuraal #Bihar #anasuya #theBahulook #family #memories #ancestralpride #toomuchfun” tweeted the 31yr old actress.
For all those conventional eyes that are actually sick of seeing Anasuya in modern and bold outfits, here is the respite you’ve been looking for. Even others also enjoy this quick changeover while Anasuya hits back with yet another surprise!