Talk of the town: Unofficial Ban of Nayantara?

By - August 16, 2016 - 11:31 PM IST

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Nayantara is one of the few ace heroines and actresses in the film industry who is going great guns even in the 30s. She can pull off both traditional and glamorous roles like none. However her other side has been the issue of concern for everyone in the industry especially producers.
We have recently heard that a star hotel in the city has denied accommodation for her citing her unpredictable behavior as the key reason and Nayan faced a lot of criticism for her “unprofessional” style of work during Babu Bangaram shoot as well. Well complaints upon Nayan have been piling up in the producers council and as per latest reports, she is likely to face a ban in the Telugu film industry. However, an official confirmation on this is still awaited.
Even earlier Nayan faced several disciplinary impositions due to her non-cooperative mode of operation and if this ban is made effective, it would be an unwanted remark on her professional character. Hope Nayan does take this seriously and fix this at the earliest before her fans hear something against her.