Hot & Powerful Onscreen Lady Cops We got recently!

By - August 17, 2016 - 06:27 PM IST

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Cops & Heroes – this is an inseparable combination bonded by an adhesive stronger than fevicol/fevistick/feviquick. Except few most of our Telugu directors have successfully made it (the role of a cop here) a hero’s property (of course we simply love when our heroes play a cop… Puri type Cop/Sreenu Vaitla type Cop/whatsoever for that matter). However, “Lady Amitabh” Vijayashanti, Malashri and other legendary heroines broke the mold with their exceptional cop characters in films like Karthavyam, Kannada Kiran Bedi etc.

After a long hiatus (meanwhile spare Misamma IPS for a while…please!), forget about powerful we got fortunate to have at least some change in the characterizations of lead actresses. Much to our astonishment and excitement, we could see them in some meaty cop roles too.

To start off with, Anasuya Bharadwaj was a stunner in the edgy suspense drama Kshanam. This hot anchor turned actress surprised us with a stellar performance as ACP Jaya Bharadwaj in the crime thriller (On top of it, she holds the pistol and even shoots the ‘hero’ in the climax – too much to handle for an average Telugu cinegoer) – thanks to the young filmmaker Ravikanth Perepu.  

We knew Raashi Khanna is gorgeous and lucky as well. But we never knew there was a commercial entertainer in her until we saw Supreme movie. Raashi was a sheer entertainer as SI Bellam Sreedevi in the movie. Her glamor, comedy with the hero and her hilarious “Bellam family” were too much to ask for in a Telugu commercial film (you know it is only few scenes and four songs, according to our traditional commercial formula) – again can’t help thanking promising commercial director Anil Ravipudi.

Here is why we are excited because our other Charles Angels are slowing falling into the groove. As per official reports, lanky beauty Pragya Jaiswal (of Kanche movie fame) and Chennai beauty Regina Cassandra are also playing the roles of powerful cops in Krishnavamsi directorial Nakshatram movie.

Of course, we are not over optimists expecting Te3n Vidya Balans or Mardaani Rani Mukherjees here in Telugu cinema. But guess times have really changed now to get too see some gutsy, dashing, sensible or at least a gorgeous/entertaining lady cop onscreen. #girlpower #morepower #daydreams #movies #fingerscrossed

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